Evolving the Growing Pains podcast

Coming Soon: Insights with Don Mills and David Campbell part of the growing Huddle Podcast Network.

For the last eight months the Growing Pains podcast has engaged leaders from across Atlantic Canada on issues related to the region’s future prosperity.  We talked to Rory Francis about the booming biosciences sector on Prince Edward Island, Charlene Johnson about the outlook for Newfoundland and Labrador’s offshore oil and gas sector and Miriam Zitner on the exciting things happening in the Halifax Innovation District.  Alicia Roisman Ismach gave us her grand vision for Fintech in Atlantic Canada and economist Richard Saillant provided thoughtful insight into economic development in northern New Brunswick over the next 20 years.  Dr. Herb Emery was a frequent guest enlightening us on the past, present and future potential of our region.

We talked about Covid-19, entrepreneurship, natural resources development, immigration and innovation.  In total, 41conversations helping us zoom in on the issues, challenges and opportunities associated with building a strong and prosperous economy and sustainable high quality public services.

Now I am excited to announce a sort of Growing Pains 2.0.  Starting on April 8th, Don Mills will join me as we continue to explore the issues and put concrete solutions on the table. Don Mills needs no introduction for most of you.  Over 40 years, the firm he founded, Corporate Research Associates (CRA) was the go-to source for insight into the the attitudes and opinions of Atlantic Canadians.

I have been studying economic and demographic data on Atlantic Canadians for 25 years.  Don’s been in their heads for 40.

Between the two of us we will continue to interview leading thinkers, policy makers, politicians and business leaders across Atlantic Canada to help us as we address the growing pains of building a larger, stronger and more vibrant economy and population in the region.

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