Sorry to be the one to tell you but the world is grey

I get it that it is hard to get outraged on social media over the fuzzy middle ground.  It’s easier to stake out a position on the edge and plumb the depths of indignation.

But that’s not the world we live in, folks.

We have to be able to responsibly talk about public health, society and the economy without it becoming a black or white kill granny or save the economy.

We can be supportive of a role for temporary foreign workers (TFWs) while recognizing that we need to strive for full employment among New Brunswickers.

We can simultaneously be focused on engaging young New Brunswickers about the future job opportunities here while recognizing there will not be enough to meet labour market demand in the years ahead and so we will need to attract more migrants to our shores.

We can build stronger trade and investment ties with the rest of the world and work to ensure we are buffered from global pandemics and other challenges that arise form a more globally integrated world.

We can focus on urban development and growing urban population in the province without making it about emptying out smaller communities and rural areas.

Life can’t be condensed into a feed of headlines you scroll through with your finger every morning.

We need to go deeper.  Ask more questions.  Tie our views on the world back to core principles and values.

Acting on instinct is fine when you are facing a grizzly bear or just fell out of a boat.  But when you have more time, take that time to do your research, consider various opinions, access trusted sources and then stake out your ground.

I think you will end up in a better place.