Don’t fear New Brunswick’s version of the Travelling Wilburys

I had to chuckle.  I got several emails from folks concerned about the new company set up by Shawn Graham, Norm Betts, Donald Arsenault and Andrew Dawson that will work to attract companies to set up in New Brunswick.  Dawson says it is like “privatizing Opportunities New Brunswick”.

Don’t worry about New Brunswick’s version of the Travelling Wilburys.  If they can make a buck by promoting New Brunswick to foreign companies, why not?  I have often said that if companies can make a buck doing economic development and if the public interest is served (and not jeopardized), why not?

It should go without saying that any leads developed by the Fab Four should not be treated any differently than other projects.  If there is a company in China or Germany or Idaho that would benefit from setting up an export-focused operation in New Brunswick we should be trying to attract them here.  With an average annual GDP growth of less than 0.5% per year we need the investment.

We need all hands on deck when it comes to economic development.