Getting to know New Brunswickers: Our household spending priorities

For your viewing pleasure, I have compiled a list of the household spending categories where New Brunswick ranks #1 among the 10 provinces (i.e. the highest share of household income going to the expenditure compared to other provinces) and the ones where we rank 10th.

Use this at parties.  Impress your friends.  No attribution required (but the data is from Statistics Canada’s Annual Survey of Household Spending).

Without further ado, the data awaits (with my comments in brackets).

New Brunswickers spend the highest in Canada among the 10 provinces (as a share of total household spending)
Cereal grains and cereal products (I hope Tony the Tiger appreciates this)
Electricity for principal accommodation (not because rates are higher but because we are far more reliant on electricity – politicians forget this at their peril)
Pet expenses and pet food (less kids, more pets – the perfect metaphor for our demographics right now)
Washers and dryers
Clothing accessories (women and girls aged 4 years and over)
Gas and other fuels (all vehicles and tools) – Very little public transportation and a dispersed population.  If you want to go to Costco and you live in Neguac?  Stop at the local Irving first.
Private health insurance plan premiums – interesting one – would require more work to understand why
Cigarettes – over use or taxes or combination?
Charitable contributions – generally NBers are good folks.  A lot of this goes to churches.

New Brunswickers spend the lowest in Canada among the 10 provinces (as a share of total household spending)
Mortgage paid for owned living quarters – nice.  Use this in your promotional materials
Purchase of telephones and equipment – lower cost? or lower usage?
Household furnishings – take a look around your house, it may be time for an upgrade
Rugs, mats and underpadding – maybe allergies are a bigger deal here?
Dishwashers – we spend the least on dishwashers but the most on clothing washers? – makes sense to me.
Children’s wear (children under 4 years) – strange given the demographics – maybe granny ponying up for the grandkids?
Clothing and cloth diapers (children under 4 years)
Public transportation – see #1 in spending on gasoline above
Taxi (including tips) – see #1 in spending on gasoline above
Airplane – not because of lower prices, less usage.  NBers need to see the world more.  It might help us with perspective.
Dental plan premiums.  Hmm, the most on health plans but the least on dental plans.   You tell me.
Home entertainment equipment – maybe it’s time upgrade your 1972 hi-fidelity system.
Televisions and other video equipment and accessories
Education – hmm.  Not one we should be proud of unless it is because government and employers pay a larger share.
Tuition fees – ditto.
Alcoholic beverages – this one is strange to me – must be more beer and less hard stuff
Contributions and dues for social clubs and other organizations
Government services – this makes sense to me but it also annoys me.  I’m a believer in direct pay where it makes sense.

Any of these  surprise you?

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  1. Perhaps the “alcoholic beverages” number is low due to purchases made in other jurisdictions and other pressures from high prices.

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