Energy and mining export values down, gypsum, aquaculture and peanut butter up

A quick look at the international export data for the first four months of 2016 reveals that the value of energy-related exports is down significantly this year so far. The total value of refined petroleum exports, gas exports (mostly LNG) and NB Power exports is down by $869 million this year so far. You have to be careful with this, however, as the lost ‘value from refined petroleum exports could be upstream as the value of oil and gas imports is down by $636 million during the same period.  The decline in Canaport exports to New England is likely due to the mild winter.

Other decliners including non-metallic minerals (potash) – no surprise there – and the rest of the declines are quite marginal and could be due more to currency fluctuations than production declines.

International merchandise exports – Biggest declines (Jan-April 2015 to Jan-April 2016) – in CDN $000s
Source: Trade Data Online.

On the winners side, Gypsum product exports are up (but in absolute terms by a fairly limited amount).  Aquaculture exports are up strongly by $35 million in the first four months.  Peanut butter exports are rolling along (snack food).  The value of seafood exports is up by $30 million.  The value of pulp million exports are up by $31 million.

International merchandise exports – Biggest increases (Jan-April 2015 to Jan-April 2016)  – in CDN $000s
Source: Trade Data Online.