Brasileiros em New Brunswick: Will a wave of Brazilians help rebalance our demographics?

A YouTube channel that describes itself as “dedicated to Brazilians wish to one day live in Canada” recently featured an hour and 12 minute conversation with Sergio and Kaísa who recently moved to Moncton where Sergio is taking a course at the NBCC.  They would like to stay in Moncton after he finishes his course and the conversation was very positive on New Brunswick and Moncton – both Kaísa and Sergio could see themselves building their careers here.

The YouTube conversation has been viewed over 2,000 times (sorry, folks, its 100% in Portuguese – although they do talk about a new kind of Chiac – their word not mine) that is half English, half Portuguese.

Since Sergio and Kaísa’s  free promotional plug for New Brunswick the group’s Facebook site in Moncton has been pinged by numerous Brazilians asking more about New Brunswick and expressing an interest in moving here.

I think it would be kind of cool to attract more young Brazilians here – New Brunswick could use a little more samba.

I’ve taken to preparing quite a bit of Brazilian food – feijoada, feijao, farofa, pao de queijo, mousse de maracuja, etc.  It’s good.

But I do wonder about the cold winters.  Speaking from experience, most Brasileiros are not hardwired for 30 below winter days.

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  1. David,

    ‘sorry, folks, its 100% in Portuguese’
    For English speakers interested in learning a bit about Sergio and Kaisa experience.

    Click on the Gear (settings of the video), then Subtittles>English.

    Big Hug.

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