Addressing NB’s economic challenges: The right messages to the right audiences

The best of the media tweeters, Jacques Poitras, recently tweeted comments of the new NB LG.  poitras

This is a good time to restate my view about targeting the right messages to the right audiences.  Because some people will read the LG’s comments and say she is absolutely right.  We need to stop talking about our challenges and focus on the positives.

But for me this would be a mistake.  In fact, I believe the vast majority of New Brunswickers including those in power don’t realize the pickle we are in right now with respect to our economy and demographic situation.  They hear it but have become immune.

Because I swim in all the data I guess it is easy for me to put on the prophet of doom cloak but the opposite effect – Pollyanna – doesn’t solve anything either.

So our core message should be one of potential and opportunity just as stated in Poitras’ tweet above (realizing this is true but only up to a point).  But we still have to talk about the uncomfortable subjects too.  Denying them or dismissing folks who talk about them as too negative isn’t the right approach.

We do face variants on two futures: One version of NB’s future is one of population growth, economic vibrancy and fiscal sustainability.  Where creative people and entrepreneurs thrive.  But the other version – stagnant economy, youth out-migration, fiscal weakness is the one we are trending towards right now.