Isn’t the word ‘go’ in the term ‘go slow?’

It’s interesting that the opponents of shale gas – the latest in Nova Scotia- have gravitated around this term ‘go slow’ to justify their opposition to the development of the industry.  When you read their comments carefully, however; what they are really saying is let Alberta, British Columbia and other jurisdictions figure it out and then we will jump in after all the risks are known.

That’s not go slow.  That’s a cop out.  Why should other jurisdictions bear the costs and benefits of developing their natural gas resources and then in the case of Alberta, SK and BC – ship a big chunk of the proceeds down here to pay for Nova Scotians health care?

Go slow – in the honest sense of the word – would involve developing the industry – in a paced and measured way – monitoring wells – etc. – just as the Environment Canada study recommended (it’s go slow actually meant keep better track of the data as you roll out the industry).

I know it has become fashionable in the Maritimes to advocate a policy of outsourcing our environmental footprint.  We are using natural gas now in large quantities across the region – even on PEI – but we want the costs of gas extraction to be borne elsewhere.

I don’t agree.