Cruise control is a better deal in New Brunswick

I’m in Ontario this week.  I have worked on five projects in the last year or so up here.  I’ll have to set up an office….

Anyway, driving mid-day on the 401 for about 90 minutes and I hardly was able to use the car’s cruise control.

Contrast that with the Moncton-Fredericton or Moncton-Saint John highway.  There are many times I set the cruise speed just outside of Moncton and do not touch it again until Fredericton.

Not sure what that says other than cruise control isn’t much use on some of these highways in southern Ontario.   Oh, and it also means those four lane highways in New Brunswick could use a little more traffic.

I think it was the Biz Council’s Susan Holt that recently said NB has the infrastructure for two million people.    That’s probably about right.

1 thought on “Cruise control is a better deal in New Brunswick

  1. By ‘infrastructure’ I assume you mean ‘roads’.

    If we looked at things like rail or public transit we fall far behind pretty much everywhere.

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