Just because you want it. A deeper look at trends in the NB CPI

Just because you are curious.  Here are the elements in the NB CPI that are increasing the fastest and decreasing the most in the past two years.  Geez, what’s going on with eggs and bread?

Change in the NB CPI – Elements with the biggest increases
May 2011 to May 2013

All-items CPI (16)




Homeowners’ home and mortgage insurance 26.8
Eggs 23.9
Bakery products 22.8
Financial services (200212=100) 20.5
Processed meat 18.7
Bakery and cereal products (excluding infant food) 17.2
Water 14.5
Clothing accessories, watches and jewellery 14.1
Fresh or frozen beef 13.9
Cablevision and satellite services (including pay per view television) 13.9
Telephone services 13.2
Tobacco products and smokers’ supplies 11.9
Cigarettes 11.9
Taxi and other local and commuter
transportation services
Local and commuter transportation 11
City bus and subway transportation 10.7
Butter 10.6
Meat 10.2
Communications 9.9
Household cleaning products 9.9
Cereal products (excluding infant food) 9.8

And the elements with the steepest declines over two years shown below.  Homeowners’ insurance going up, auto insurance going down.  Interesting trend in health care – inflation down, meds costs going down – must be the influence of generics?  Remember CPI based on household expenditures….

Change in the NB CPI – Elements with the biggest decreases
May 2011 to May 2013

Prescribed medicines (33) -15.7
Medicinal and pharmaceutical products -13.9
Health care goods -12
Home entertainment equipment, parts and services -9.5
Furniture -9
Non-prescribed medicines -8.5
Non-electrical kitchen utensils, tableware and cookware -7.5
Gasoline -7.5
Furniture and household textiles -6.5
Women’s clothing -6.2
Health care -5.1
Recreational equipment and services (excluding RVs) -5.1
Travel services -5
Men’s clothing -4.7
Sugar and confectionery -4.7
Fresh or frozen chicken -4
Clothing -3.8
Energy (25) -3.2
Passenger vehicle insurance premiums (31) -2.7