Jim Flaherty and provincial economic growth

A couple of months ago when it started to look like the Canadian economy wouldn’t perform as robustly in 2012 as was thought, federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty was on the TV assuring the public that he would do everything at his disposal including more stimulus to ensure the Canadian economy continues to grow.

How come that doesn’t apply to the provinces?  Why wouldn’t the federal Finance Minister be worried about six straight years of an average GDP growth rate of 0.9 percent in New Brunswick?

It’s not a rhetorical question.  The same worries people have about weak growth at the national level apply to provinces as well.  Sure, in the overal scheme of things, little old New Brunswick doesn’t matter but it matters to us.

I would like to see the federal government response – how can it help move the NB economy forward?

2 thoughts on “Jim Flaherty and provincial economic growth

  1. Sometimes you’re political naiveté surprises me. Harper and Flaherty are politicians before anything. There is little political incentive as well as their ideology that says Provinces need to take responsibility for themselves.

    It’s like Richard’s comment on the previous decrying the lack of response from Alward on the cuts to NRC. Other than looking tough for his own political purposes,do you think Stephen Harper would change his mind because Alward huffed and puffed? ? Be a waste of breath, and more likely counter productive.

    I suspect Flaherty would tell us to open our doors to investment to Shale Gas before he would worry about our economy.

  2. Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty doesn’t know yet the war is over (that “war” being WW2). It seems not to matter anyway, he, like the rest, have to follow the party line, or quickly find himself warming the back bench.

    I was *thinking*, as I was checking out the inquiry into Atcon, that maybe our tax money would do better being taken to Las Vegas, and just gambled away…. true it wouldn’t employ anybody, but I suspect it would last longer.

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