Why Entrepreneurs Matter – for the Middle School Audience

Hello, Guinea Pigs.  I have prepared another presentation – this one on the importance of entrepreneurs.  As you may have noticed I am toying with other ways to show/display important economic development concepts.  I am not graphically inclined so this stuff is hard edged.  Maybe someone will step up and do really neat things with the data someday.

Appreciate feedback.

You should maximize the screen to get the full effect rather that watch it in the small frame.


4 thoughts on “Why Entrepreneurs Matter – for the Middle School Audience

  1. That was pretty cool, sorry I missed the post, I’m surprised nobody else commented on it. There’s nothing worse than putting work into something like that and thinking nobody cares.

    It was pretty good as it is, but I’ll repeat what I’ve said before. You need a single website that has all your main themes. As for the charts, well, charts say it all. The ‘production’ pretty much sells it, but I’d add voice and music for impact. I’m thinking you used powerpoint, and actually it looks pretty good. I’m surprised because I seem to recall that you’ve got a pretty good narration voice, so that would only help.

    It does read a bit like a fairy tale, because of course most people’s familiarity with entrepreneurs doesn’t look remotely similar. And if you’ve missed the RIM news, well, it remains to be seen what happens with their branch plants. The idea that partners ‘fall in love’ with Fredericton seems a bit stretched. As soon as the cash flow is affected, that place is history.

    But the main thing is to have a website with the ‘good stuff’. Its a real shame to see something like that done up and then disappear in the back annals of the blog, never to be seen again. I’d do you up a website but I really don’t know what you would include. I think you have my email so let me know. Powerpoint makes it easy to add audio, maybe my speakers just weren’t working or something, but you should narrate it even though you have the print on there.

  2. If video killed the radio star, Twitter killed the blogger. At least for me, traffic is down since Twitter took off. I probably should do a better job of teasing people with enticing Twitter statements (i.e. Click here or you will regret it forever) but I am not much good at marketing. As for having a central area with the key themes, that’s good advice. Hopefully, I’ll get around to it as none of this puts food on the table.

  3. I assume that means people read your twitters and not the website. I don’t know squat about twitter, but there must be a way to put links in them? I’d animate this and add music, even translate it if you’ll narrate it. But it really has to have a purpose beyond being on youtube-or at least some way to be SEEN by more people. Maybe a couple of provincial film festivals? Selling it it InvestNB? You do a homepage to host it, and I’d put some work into it. There are lots of homepage templates already premade, I have a whole bunch of Flash websites and others if you want them, or you can just type in free templates and look online, there are thousands. A homepage takes about an hour to do, probably a lot less time than most of your blogs.

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