Labour Market Bonanza! Stats Stats Stats

For those of you looking for data related to my column on labour market trends in the TJ today, ask and ye shall receive. The following tables show the trends for each of Canada’s provinces in multiple areas. If you have a specific question, feel free to ask. ┬áThe occupational data is based on unadjusted data while the rest of the charts are based on seasonally adjusted data.


Employment Growth – % Change (June 2002 to June 2012)

Occupations in: CAN NB
All Areas 15% 3%
Management 12% -12%
Business, finance and admin. 15% 16%
Natural and applied sciences 27% 21%
Health 36% 26%
Social science, education, government* 34% 27%
Art, culture, recreation and sport 24% -3%
Sales and service 13% -4%
Protective services 23% 31%
Trades, transport and equipment operation 16% 0%
Primary industry 4% -6%
Processing, manufacturing and utilities -30% -29%

*Includes religion. Source: Statistics Canada Labour Force Survey (unadjusted data).