Getting out of Dodge at the wrong time

I’m in Boston all week on a course looking at innovation as an economic development driver.  I haven’t formally taken courses in a few years and I felt now was a good time and this was an important subject.

However, one of the most important Census data points comes out today – population by age group – and I am nowhere to be seen.  I already have had three requests to speak on this subject today and my location and schedule makes it impossible.

And I wont be able to live tweet the results – maybe Kurt Peacock will have time – so you will get my commentary later in the day.

Because we saw a mildly surprising bump up in the population data – I suspect the drop in young population will not be as large as I was expecting (based on projections).  However, you can be sure that the population under the age of 35 has dropped again as it has for many Censuses.  You can also expect a dramatic rise in the 50+ population as the Boomer bubble hits full stride.