The changing face of post-secondary education in NB

My column in the TJ took a look at the latest data from Statistics Canada on university and college enrolments in Canada for 2009/2010.  I won’t recreate that column here (although I have to see if I can republish here?) but there are a few charts that are not in the print edition.

The first table shows total enrolment in New Brunswick by program area.   More than 4,600 enrolled in Humanities and 486 in math and CS, nuff said on that.

The second table shows the comparison of university enrolment across Canada adjusted for population size.  NB went from above average in 2001 to well below average in 2009.  Check out BC.  It’s a fascinating trend.  That province dramatically ramped up bums in seats over the decade.  They used to just take NB graduates.  Now they are paying for their own.  It’s interesting that SK is shifting to much more college level training in the midst of their resources boom.

The graphic just shows the enrolment in NB Universities over time.

The last table shows community college enrolment adjusted for the size of the population for just mathematics, computer and information sciences programs.


Total Enrolment by Major Program: NB Universities (2001, 2009)

Source: Statistics Canada.


Total Enrolment: Canadian Universities (per 10,000 population)

Source: Statistics Canada.


Total Enrolment: NB Universities (1992-2009)

Source: Statistics Canada.


Total Enrolment: Public Colleges (per 10,000 population) – Mathematics, computer and information science programs

Source: Statistics Canada.