Musing on immigration

I just saw Monsieur Lazhar. I thought it was one of the best movies I have seen in awhile. It’s not a face paced thriller or a deep drama. There’s no great redemption at the end – no Hollywood ending here. No need, really.

It’s just a simple story but it touches on numerous themes – mostly a light touch – but enough to make you think.

I have been doing a lot of research lately into immigration and many of the subtleties in this movie made senses to me.

The truth is that New Brunswick is going to have to attract a lot of immigrants in the coming years. We shipped off 40,000 young people in the past 25 years or so (net out) and we will need to replace them with immigrants – just to meet the demands of the workforce.

I think this is an overwhelmingly good thing for New Brunswick but it will come with challenges. Some prejudices are hard to overcome. We will see an interaction of cultures like never before in our history as a province as even the early waves of immigration to the province were fairly homogeneous.

I joke with my daughter that she is like a delegate at the U.N. In her circle of friends there is a Tunisian, several Koreans, a couple of Chinese, a Yankee and even someone from Bouctouche. Not to mention the fact that two of her good friends speak Portuguese and German respectively. When together in a room, it’s like a New Brunswick Tower of Babel. This is coming for all of New Brunswick in the years ahead.

See Monsieur Lazhar. Just a simple story. No grand solution.

2 thoughts on “Musing on immigration

  1. No matter how you look at this, the attracting and retaining of immigrants, or retaining our educated young folk, or both, should be the number 1 priority of our government.
    Never mind giving away of our resources at bargain basement prices,(and wondering what to do when they are gone), for this Province to be “sustainable” we need an influx of tax paying citizens. At least as many, as required, to cover the increasing costs of government services, now, and in the future.
    It is going to require some “thinking outside the box”, as it is plain for all to see what “thinking inside the box”, with the same old “big players”, has gotten us.
    Personally, I do not welcome immigration as a “solution”, and would prefer to see a bit of effort put into retaining our young folk, but what has to be, has to be.

  2. Franks

    “Our legal struggle on behalf of the pensioners and workers of Fraser Papers has now begun,” CEP President Dave Coles said. “This is about fairness for retirees and workers who lost almost 40% of their pensions. The directors of Fraser Papers must now be held to account.”

    The union has also assisted Fraser retirees and family members organize in Quebec and New Brunswick in the “Victims of Brookfield Association” which has a Facebook Page and a Twitter account that tells the personal hardship stories of the Fraser pensioners.

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