UNB’s GPS expertise and economic development

Great commentary in the Daily Gleaner a few days ago on the GPS expertise at UNB.  The university has been a leader in GPS research for years.  I’ve written about this as well but my concern has been why we have never really leveraged that in to economic development.  Why are there very few GIS/GPS-related entrepreneurial startups?  Why haven’t we attracted the bigger firms to do research and set up facilities here?  When I did work last year in Nova Scotia on this subject I was surprised to find that a place like Alberta has a whole initiative set up to grow its GIS/GPS industry.

I think it is great that UNB is working on projects for NASA, and Russian and has a top world rating for GPS research.   Wonderful.  I think it would be even more wonderful if we were able to translate that into economic development.

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  1. Pretty sure that is what was tried and somewhat accomplished with CARIS. But there is likely much more room in that space.

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