It’s the economy, stupid: traffic count

I got my stats for this blog over 2010  last week.  There is some interesting data.  The blog received 38,472 visits over the year of which there was a bit of an upward trend after I starting writing for the Globe & Mail Economy Lab.  The numbers are down from election years (or the era of the NB Power proposed sale).  I also think the longer term trend towards micro-blogging will hurt sites like mine.  It’s hard to put a chart into 140 characters.  Still, nearly 40,000 over the course of the year doesn’t seem too bad.

I get more visitors from Freddy Beach than anywhere else – 64 percent more than the next nearest source – Moncton.  Despite my twice a week column in the TJ, Saint John is a distant third in blog visitors – at 75 percent fewer visitors compared to Freddy Beach.  Toronto, Ottawa and Halifax pull up the rear.

I got a little kick out of one stat.  The average time spent on the site is around one and a half minutes which I hear is about normal for a site like this but my readers from Waterloo spent an average of more than 4 minutes – well above everywhere else.  I immediately recognized this as Mikel and his long, winding responses to my posts (he is from Waterloo, I believe).  Torontonians are the least impressed – leaving on average after only 55 seconds.

The last interesting stat is the fact that the majority of folks come to the blog directly – either by typing in or through their favourites.  Second place is a good search.   An increasing amount of hits come from Twitter but not as much as I would have thought  – only about 1,000.

4 thoughts on “It’s the economy, stupid: traffic count

  1. I’m not surprised about the higher than average number of visits from Freddy Beach. I would even go further and speculate that many of these visits come from GNB employees (and elected types). “It’s the Economy, Stupid” is the most influential blog in the Province.

    Keep up the good work,


  2. What about people who read the blog via RSS? I typically read the posts via Google Reader and don’t go to the site directly. I’m not sure if there’s any way of tracking that though.

  3. RSS feeds would count as direct link.

    Over 100 visits per day from such a tiny niche audience is a great achievement.

    Keep it up !


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