Employment situation in NB is grim – particularly among the young

A long time commentator on this blog, Richard, thinks a few good charts are needed to tell the economic story of NB.  To oblige, have a look at the following two charts.  The first shows total employment growth in New Brunswick from 2000 to 2010.  You can see that in 2010, total employment was less than it was in 2007.  The year end 2011 data is not in just yet but we will be down again in 2011.  Five years with no net new employment.  Across Canada, total employment is up by more than 300,000 people since 2007.

The second chart, shows total employment just among those aged 20-29 in New Brunswick.  Employment in that demographic is actually been dropping since it peaked in 2002.  Again I don’t know the 2011 numbers yet but they are likely to be down again.   Across Canada, employment in this demographic is up by seven percent in the past decade.

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Total Employment (000s)  – New Brunswick (All Age Groups)

Source: Statistics Canada Labour Force Survey.


Total Employment (000s)  – New Brunswick (20-29 Age Group)


Source: Statistics Canada Labour Force Survey. 


3 thoughts on “Employment situation in NB is grim – particularly among the young

  1. Has it been a ‘long time’ already? Perhaps it is just that time passes more quickly for the very old.

    Anyway, thanks for the charts. To make things even more depressing, view Stephen Gordon’s chart on employment and earnings growth from today’s Globe and Mail:


    Over the past decade, we are at the bottom in employment growth, average for wage growth.

  2. the thing that raises a question for me is:

    how many 20-29 year olds live in NB in 2010 compared to the early 2000’s?

    are the total employment numbers a reflection of little opportunity, or rather a reflection less 20-29 year olds living in NB in 2010?

    what percentage does the 20-29 year old category make up in relation to the other age brackets? has it changed as much as the total numbers?

    it definitely does not bode well, either way; a second generation has been gutted.

  3. Population in the 20-29 age group peaked in 1985 at 130,600. It has steadily declined since and now sits at 89,400 – a decline of 31.5 percent in 26 years (41,200 in total). Compared to 2000, there are 10,000 less in 2010. The reason for the decline is mostly out-migration.

    In the late 1970s/early 1980s, the 20-29s made up 25% of the total population aged 15+ in New Brunswick. By 2000 it was down to 16.6 percent and it is down to 14.5 percent.

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