Changing profile of NB exports


I thought I would take a look at the changing profile of NB exports over the past 20 years.  As we have talked about the refinery expansion skewed everything as it went from $600k sales in 1992 to over $8 billion in 2010.  So we need to extract the refinery exports to get a better picture and we still see that pulp, paper and paperboard has declined significantly in relative terms.  Oil and gas extraction (McCully and LNG) is now over $500M/year.  Sawmills are back to their historical role as as percentage of exports (around 6 percent).

NB Power is exporting less and less power to the states.  Aquaculture seems to have stabilized.   When the Brunswick Mine closes, you will lose a big chunk of exports.   You can see the impact of potash exports on Non-metallic mineral exports.

Of course we do not track services exports in the same way as we track goods exports and so the call centre exports are not shown here.


NB Exports (Percentage of total)



NB Exports – Less Refined Petroleum (% of Total)





2 thoughts on “Changing profile of NB exports

  1. Great stats and great insights David.
    I’m a little surprised at how high the oil & gas numbers have become over the last 10 years. I’m also surprised at how high brewery exports were in 1992. Is that all Moosehead?

    How are service exports tracked? For companies such as Radian6 and Atlantic Hydrogen, software licenses and patent licensing deals are becoming more and more important to gauge the state of the economy.

  2. It’s mostly LNG going to the states from the SJ terminal. I believe in 1992 that would have been Moosehead. The numbers were $27 million in 1992 and $52 million in 2010 – roughly equivalent if you adjusted for inflation over the period.

    On the services side, it is tricky. Stats Canada does this – I don’t know if they have a standard model. I am working with the NBITC right now and we are surveying the IT industry. I hope enough of them will provide export markets and other data to help us better frame the export activity of our ICT industry.

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