Hyundai kids paying the health care costs of BMW boomers

The Globe and Mail has an excellent summary of a new report on ‘Generation Squeeze’ this morning:

A British Columbia study finds that young families in the country are facing growing financial and time pressures even as their baby-boomer elders head into easier-than-ever retirement.

The premise of a social safety net is to ensure people don’t fall through the cracks.

I wrote about this not that long ago.  In the 1990s New Brunswick had 90,000 people heading into their retirement years and now that is up to more than 170,000. We all know what happened to health care costs in the mid 199s and the 2000s.

We may end up putting too much of the cost of public services on the younger generation even as they have less and less disposable income.

I think some form of means-testing health care is in our future – maybe not on the catastrophic stuff – but on the every day stuff – blood tests, MRIs, doctor visits, etc.

There goes my chances at running for office someday.