Gerry’s Kids – expanded edition

I received the following ┬ánote about my column on Saturday entitled Gerry’s Kids.

David – I read your article on Gerry’s Kids (Oct.29th) and was appreciative of your shining the light on one of the biggest job creation forces in Atlantic Canada ( not to mention the spirtual leader of innovation). To add to your reference to “and many more”..Chris Keevil- President of Colour (Halifax), Karen Radford – former VP at Telus, Dan Doiron – Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at UNBSJ, Joe Mosher- VP Marketing Bell Aliant (retired),Paul Eisner- VP Harris Corporation, Stacy MacNeil- Marketing executive HP in Palo Alto; the list is long. The seeds from the Gerry Tree ( as I think Ian C.coined it) have fallen far and wide, the impact of which over time is profound!

I am pretty sure that Gerry Pond isn’t much for flattery but once in a while a little flattery is required to make the important, larger point.