The three amigos: LPG, Gionet & Maurice

I usually don’t like calling out specific people on this blog because they might not appreciate it one way or the other but occasionally I feel the need to do just that.

When I first moved to Moncton in 1997 I met three bright young entrepreneurs: Louis Phillippe Gauthier, Frederic Gionet and Marc Maurice.  They were engaged in interesting tech and info business ventures but what struck me was that they were a) information junkies – they read and studied voraciously, b) they were ambitious and self-confident and c) they worked fluidly in both French and English.

Now they are all – as Frederic told me recently “in the game”.  They have a passion for economic development but now they are in the game – Frederic at Enterprise Greater Moncton, LPG at Invest NB and Maurice is doing very interesting work with the NRC (on contract).

More often than not guys like this are leaving NB to pursue their careers elsewhere.  These guys have stayed and are taking on important positions in the economic development biz.