Learning from the tree advocates

I am not sure if you are following the tree controversy in Moncton but a developer tried to cut down nine grand old trees on a heritage property site and before he could get many cut down, his property was stormed by protesters who pitched tents.  At the City Hall council meeting:

Citizens upset about trees being cut down on the grounds surrounding Castle Manor crammed the Moncton city council chambers yesterday afternoon, and their leader Michel Desjardins was correct when he said afterward, “we’ve seen passion here tonight that I’ve rarely seen in this chamber.”

Lest you think I am a cigar chomping industrialist, I agree with the protesters on this one.  There should be some by-laws to protect these grand old trees – particularly in the downtown and particularly on heritage properties such as that old – castle-style building.  I lament the fact we are plowing under 100 year old homes in downtown Moncton on a regular basis.

But I wonder if we held a protest about the tens of thousands of young people who have migrated out of New Brunswick, if you would see “passion here tonight rarely seen before”?  I wonder if we organized a protest in support of efforts to address our economic challenges would we see citizens crowding the council chambers?

We will fight passionately about environmental matters and shrug our shoulders – not a second thought – when our economy as a province continues to struggle.

I realize Moncton is a bit of an economic island – it has been doing well but its citizens should not think they are disconnected with the province and its trends.