Get your It’s the economy, stupid teeshirts

A long time reader/commenter on this blog sent me this teeshirt.   I have been writing this blog for over eight years and closing in on 3,000 posts and have never thought about merchandising.  But this looks good to me – although I am not quite sure about the reference.  I guess I must be the rabbit and the guy I am thwomping must be a politician?  Maybe the mole was driven from his home by shale gas fracking?  Maybe Mike can shed some light on this.

After a few nasty posts and craziness, this is a welcome developoment.

1 thought on “Get your It’s the economy, stupid teeshirts

  1. Actually, you CAN”T merchandise that one-you’re around my age so I thought you’d recognize the characters from the comic strip “Bloom County” (its Portnoy the hedgehog, not a mole:) I have zero artistic ability but I remember seeing this one (which was actually about communist hordes a comin).
    As for meaning, thats up the eye of the beholder. I was thinking how hard it is to convince some people that its actually ‘the economy stupid’, but it could also just be how I’m sure you feel some days when people are disagreeing with you. Plus, I thought you deserved something for all your blogging work, and a certificate seemed dumb.
    Anyway, it was all in fun, if you want actual merchandising characters-that’ll cost you:)

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