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For those of you interested in such things, I have uploaded Service Canada’s monthly labour market report for New Brunswick.   It’s an interesting read.  Moncton, for example, saw an increase in employment in January (year over year) but a much faster increase in the labour force leading to a spike in the unemployment rate (even though employment is up).  This trend is an interesting one given the recent announcements at companies such as UPS that are paring back their workforce in Moncton.  Saint John saw a fairly step drop in its labour market size  coupled with a small drop in its employment which actually led to a decline in its unemployment rate (even though employment is down).

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  1. Might I inquire how you were able to find the LMI reports on Service Canada’s website? I can’t even get to the regional pages without using google to go around SC’s navigation and search functions.

  2. In related labour force news:

    “New Brunswick’s information technology sector is not suffering from a shortage of jobs in the province. Instead it is running into problems recruiting skilled workers.” (corrected for grammar)


    It’s too simple, and incorrect, to say that NB has a jobs problem. There would be jobs available, and more economic development, if NB had a more skilled workforce. But instead it shifts money out of education and into subsidies to businesses.

  3. Hopefully with the recent announcements in the Miramichi area (Federal Payroll hiring, Greensafe Technologies, and Kipici) the situation in the Northeast can improve in 2011. I’m always of the opinion that these companies are only seeking to have their business heavily subsidized by government, so I don’t have a lot of faith in them actually opening their doors in light of the province’s fiscal situation.

    I’m interested in seeing just how far the province will allow the North to slide before it has to do something drastic to turn things around.

  4. Hi John Doe,

    I am the owner of Atwood Technology Inc. and the Kipici Brand. I assure you we are serious about creating significant employment in the Northern region. I have returned home to help our community and have come armed with a world-renowned education and access to private funding. I will never deny accessing government funding but would you prefer a local resource committed to their community access these funds or a foreign business that may come and go. I will do my best to meet our goals of creating the jobs I have committed to creating. Should you ever have questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at http://www.atwoodtechnology.com

    Theresa Williams, CEO
    Atwood Technology Inc.

    @John Doe

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