Always be closing if you want the knife set

Dennis Miller’s adaptation of Alec Baldwin’s motivational speech in Glengarry Glen Ross – an amazing look into the world of a sales guys.

I suspect the new lead sales guy for New Brunswick, Robert MacLeod, is getting a lot of advice these days but he would be wise to heed the “always be closing” mantra.   Somehow, economic development in this province became about spending money – and programs – and more and more organizations – and less about results.

Back to basics.

It’s not about helping needy small businesses.  It’s not about capacity building.  It’s not about filling the gap.  It’s not about nurturing.

It’s about doing things that lead to more business investment, good jobs and a thriving and growing economy.  The rest of it is just paperwork.  It’s just filling time.

Always be closing.

A guy who got that was Frank McKenna.  That’s why I put his name forward as a potential chairperson for the new Invest NB.

1 thought on “Always be closing if you want the knife set

  1. Yes, let’s econ. dev. like it’s 1992. As soon as we have to hard-sell our province, there will be a number of forces that emerge. What is the tax break, training breaks, forgivable loans… what companies are good companies to target to bring here, which ones won’t get protested by existing companies, etc.? What incentive will they have to stay once the initial incentives are gone.?

    Our proverbial cupboards are bare, and playing a cost/incentive game will only hurt us more. Also, allowing political forces to pick and choose which companies get special treatment is becoming an increasingly more difficult exercise in this age of social awareness and communication.

    We can probably all agree that NB Needs to find its economic groove. Fundamentally, we need to identify what it it that makes this region unique and valued in the global market. An energized people, who have capabilities and confidence to create businesses, link and partner with a global market place – can figure this out pretty quick.

    I don’t see 21inc, of the next39, or other initiatives as nurturing – but they do contribute to a grassroots rejigging our or human capital.

    I’d take a thousand entrepreneurs over one salesman anyday.

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