The education of Mr. Campbell

It’s been a week of education for me.  Over the past seven days I must have talked to a couple of dozen people offering insight into a wide variety of economic development and related topics such as:

LJR’s bringing in a Brit to run its investment attraction agency and attract firms from the U.K.  Interesting lessons that should be learned today.

The  HIY YMCA young leadership program that ran in Moncton from something like 1940 to 1980 – many of Moncton’s current crop of older leaders – those that were directly involved in the community’s transformation went through that program.  It exists elsewhere today why not here?

The laybrinthical world of federal/provincial transfers.  Wow, that is a dog’s breakfast.  Typical government – make it so complicated that only a few every really understand it to the fullest.  For example, it seems that when Ontario put on a ‘health premium’ a few years back they were adamant it was not a ‘tax’ so that it wouldn’t be counted in their fiscal capacity definition for equalization/transfer payment calculations.  Who would have known that?

No matter how much web searching/online research I do, there is no substitute for talking with old fogies – and I mean that in the most endearing sense of the term. 

I also found out this week who (supposedly) is going to run Invest NB.  I won’t say it here until I can get confirmation.

The education of Mr. Campbell continues…..

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  1. We’re doing and developing the Hi-Y thing for an older set (but not older by much). Thanks for putting the link, always good to see other examples.

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