Musing on growth sectors

I’m out of the province for a few days but I will have a longer than usual column in the TJ five times this week.  I am looking at five potential growth sectors – some known, some experimental and at least one likely to enrage some folks:  shale gas, industrial fabrication (large components), social media hub, legal outsourcing and health care/medical tourism.

I hope that these columns at least start a conversation around the nitty gritty of economic development.  What are the growth sectors and what, if anything, can we do to make NB a great place to invest in those sectors?  They do not have to be global growth sectors such as green energy – there is so much competition for investment in that area – it has reached fanastic levels.   If we are to compete in that area, we need to find some niche.

There are some sectors that are quite small on a global basis- like legal outsourcing – but for a small province like NB just carving off a few points market share would be a large opportunity.

Anyway, I try to link to them here and maybe add some more comments upon my return to the province with the inferiority complex (I drove by the “world’s largest fiddleheads” earlier today – throw in largest lobster, longest covered bridge, highest tides…. – I’m sensing a pattern….).

1 thought on “Musing on growth sectors

  1. David,

    A hard “soft” cap on public health spending AND medical tourism? Now you are talking!

    …add removing the ban on allowing people to use their own funds (or the funds of insurance companies) to purchase medical services…and you have a deal (medical tourism starts at home).

    Universality needs to be redefined to what it was intended to be – NOT universal access to the SAME mediocre service, but universal access to a high quality CORE service. Why should I care if a McCain can get a hip replacement in 5 days, so long as I can get mine in five weeks, not five years?

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