Kudos to the new gov

I guess it’s a little thing but I have to say the spinning – so far – out of the new government is much more measured than in the past.  Some will say this is because they are new and within a year or so they will be hunkering down and parsing everything for tidbits they can promote while glossing over the big problems.

I don’t think so.  I have chatted with some of the folks involved and I think they are ready to be more honest with the public about our economic, demographic and social challenges.   

I have said before that when the rhetoric coming out of government doesn’t align with what people see in their daily lives, the BS-O-Meter starts to go off.

To reiterate, I am not saying the government shouldn’t promote when it has some success – they should promote that from the highest hilltops – but when there are serious challenges – take education scores, literacy scores, unemployment, out-migration, lack of business investment, whatever – they should bluntly tell people the unvarnished truth and then commit to digging in and trying to address them.

Admittedly, this gets harder as they go through a mandate.

4 thoughts on “Kudos to the new gov

  1. ” I think they are ready to be more honest with the public about our economic, demographic and social challenges.”

    Its one thing to be ‘ready to be more honest’ and another to actually be honest. They were certainly not being honest during the election campaign. Being honest is often politically fatal.

    Also, being honest about the challenges is fine, but they have known about the challenges for some time. I have yet to hear some sensible ideas about solving those problems. I am afraid that they will be ‘honest’ about the problems but dishonest about the likely solutions. I think that they first have to recognize the source of the fiscal problem – it is not overspending per se, it is the lack of economic growth, in particular the failure to create enough high-wage jobs in the private sector to provide the needed tax revenue.

  2. Why not just come clean and state the truth – that NB is an economic and social turd. It would be much easier to look back and say “Did you see what we started with” when it comes time to celebrate even the most minuscule victories. It is certainly a much better approach then encouraging everyone to stuff their heads in the sand and allowing the public apathy become even more pervasive. Tell people that we are facing a provincial crisis, and that it cannot be corrected until EVERYONE (government and citizens) puts their game face on and does something about it.

  3. @David Campbell

    Then we should be rich soon enough. Perhaps, insteading of creating more turds, Bruce Fitch can come with a way to market Peticodiac mud as a valuable world resource.

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