Danny Williams RIP

Whenever a high profile provincial premier retires, there is a brief speculation about his/her federal intentions.    I suspect that this will not be the case with Danny.  He was master of his domain in Newfoundland that he would never match in Ottawa – even if he got to sit in the big chair.

Plus, his approval rating in NL is probably unmatched in history – he is even well loved in New Brunswick – but across Canada I suspect his bravado wouldn’t be much of a selling feature.

He did some good things, some strange things and overall elevated the reputation and role of NL in Confederation.  He was helped with billions in offshore oil and gas revenues – one has to wonder what would have happened to the province without the oil.  As it is the province lost something like 11,000 population under Danny.  It could have been much worse.

I think his lasting legacy will be Nalcor.  Imagine a provincial government corporation that is involved in onshore and offshore drilling, electricity production and transmission and a variety of the efforts.  

And his battles with Quebec.   The truth is that the billions spent to develop Labrador power and bring it down through Nova Scotia shouldn’t be necessary.  It would save billions – billions that would go into the coffers of Newfoundland – to work with Quebec to bring it through the Belle Province but when honour is at stake – it ain’t about the money.

I think I’ll miss old Danny Chavez.  His style of politics is fading away.

2 thoughts on “Danny Williams RIP

  1. Danny, was a populist leader who wanted benefits for the people
    at the expense of corporations. He left at a great time, as he
    saw the future, three ships entering the harbour named:
    -Bankers/Bond holders
    -Underfunded public pensions.

  2. Taking on Paul McCartney, and sticking up for Newfounlanders, gave us a true sense of the real Danny Williams.

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