David in Wonderland

Somebody please pinch me, I must be dreaming.   I went to the government website and saw something that could only mean the world has ended as we know it.  It must be some kind of parting shot from a disgruntled employee or something.  

I have been reading the monthly press release regarding Statistics Canada’s Labour Force Survey for almost a decade.  I can’t remember when I started reading this but it was a long, long time ago and I have never witnessed the following headline:

Unemployment rate up

I was stunned by this.  Usually the press release on labour market trends is a clinic on subterfuge but this one says things like “New Brunswick’s unemployment rate increased to 9.8 per cent in September, up by 0.2 of a percentage point compared to August” and “New Brunswick’s employment level stood at 362,300 in September, down 2,500 from last month and 5,600 less than the same time last year”.

They say if you live long enough…..

It must be some fluke – some rogue departmental official making a last stand before the Tory Maurice Robichaud gets in an re-establishes discipline.

But it was sweet while it lasted.

Imagine a government press release stating the facts – bold and uncensored.   I get goosebumps.

1 thought on “David in Wonderland

  1. It is by design – you have and will continue to see references to the increased unemployeed, growing debt, worsening deficit, over-spending, decreased credit ratings from the Premier and his people while they set the stage for a new budget, increased taxes and broken promises. All of which is in fact how it should be. Regretably the populous can’t handle the truth without some spin first!

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