The Ghost of Government Past

It’s interesting that Graham was able to deal Alward body blows over decisions made by the previous Tory government.  I thought he was going to break out Obama’s line about “giving them back the keys to the car after they ran it in the ditch”.

It is true that in this kind of rare instance, the voters can choose between two politicians and even likely Cabinet teams that have a track record of running government.  Go through the list Alward, Carr, Holder, MacDonald, Blaney, Robichaud – the majority of Lord’s Cabinet and likely Alward’s cabinet.

However, there will be no partying like it’s 1999.  Running the government in 1999 was about deciding where to spend all that new money rolling in.  In 2010, it will be about how to cut spending growth from 5% to 1% per year.  That will be tough given that health care spending alone has been rising at three times the rate of inflation.

1 thought on “The Ghost of Government Past

  1. He missed the biggest one.

    When Alward said, “You ran up three billion dollars of debt” Graham should have said, “That was during a recession. You left us with FIVE billion dollars worth of debt. And that was during the good times.”

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