A strange competitive advantage: U.S. lawyers like us

Add this to the pile of little every day coincidences.    The TJ has a story about a Sackville software firm that is expanding:

Sackville software developer Kleinmundo Solutions Inc. has inked a partnership agreement with a large U.S. firm that president Patrick Langlais says should help bring his young company’s head count to 12 this year.  The New Brunswick company provides document automation software to legal firms so they can format outgoing bills to clients, as well as reporting, electronic billing, data transformation and data management and manipulation services.

Langlais said Kleinmundo recently netted one the top 20 legal firms in the U.S. – the name of which he promised not to reveal – as a client. Among those clients that have agreed to let Kleinmundo name them on its website are Blank Rome LLP, Fox Rothschild LLP and Cox Smith Matthews Inc.

So this firm has large U.S. law firms as clients.  You will recall that another Moncton firm, Whitehill, built its business by targeting U.S. law firms.    It is interesting to note that another tech firm in Moncton, ShiftCentral, has a number of U.S. law firm as clients.

What gives?  Of all the software and technology firms targeting the U.S. legal market, how come three Moncton firms have made such great inroads?

Maybe it’s nothing.  Maybe it’s something. It is a bit strange.

1 thought on “A strange competitive advantage: U.S. lawyers like us

  1. I’ve known Patrick since middle school. He’s smart, multilingual – hint to New Brunswickers in general, there are more than two languages that matter as far as global commerce is concerned – hardworking, and – this is the clincher – looking around the world for business, not trying to serve a limited local market.
    I’d like to see some data mapping of N.B. small businesses that are actually thinking global.

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