One good benefit from exporting people

I see that a native New Brunswicker was primarily responsible for convincing Areva to take a long hard look at New Brunswick.  He made the case internally that NB should be a serious market for the French multinational firm.  Now I see that an ex-Monctonian played an important role in bringing the new CGI IT centre to Moncton. That facility is initially just an outsourced operation for Atlantic Lottery – they claim to be plans to build it much bigger.

That’s the one benefit – hopefully – of sending thousands of NBers out there.  We should track down everyone in a middle and senior management position and make the case for investing here.

3 thoughts on “One good benefit from exporting people

  1. Again, it’s not a case of “exporting people”, it’s a case of quality people getting worldwide experience, rather than living their entire lives in a small province.

    People born in other places move away from home as well; my parents moved from Quebec to Ontario, and I moved from Ontario to Alberta and then New Brunswick.

    New Brunswick’s problem is not that it “exports” people that were born here. The problem is that it does not attract enough people from elsewhere. In order to do this, it needs to refocus its efforts away from “repatriation” (which sends exactly the wrong message to new New Brunswickers) and toward attracting and welcoming newcomers.

    This, unfortunately, is not a place where New Brunswick excels. probably because it makes little effort to open local jobs, industry, resources and markets to outside investment and resources.

  2. People who keep moving until they find someone they can suck up to for a government funded job, talking about New Brunswickers who built the Country by spreading to every area of Canada and United States, should just shut up and continue to sponge. Talk about imported nuts.

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