Nobel prize in economic development

Someone sent me an email asking for practical ways that New Brunswick could become the Davos of economic development.  I’m not the most creative guy around but why not pull from other examples?

How about finding some CEO or whomever to endow a “Nobel” prize in economic development?  You put a $100k prize out there and you ask for the best, innovative ideas for regional economic development.  Then you have a panel judge all the submissions and you have a winner announced at the St. Andrews World Economic Development Forum.

Or something similar.

4 thoughts on “Nobel prize in economic development

  1. I would say that the prize should go to actions, not ideas. There are plenty of ideas out there that hold promise but are failures when they hit the ground.

    As for Mr. Znaimer, I would say that he is welcome to attend the Ideas Festival but, unless everyone is ready to pay $4K to attend, he shouldn’t be asked to run it. Idea City has, unfortunately, lost steam.

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