Blog moderation blues

As anyone who has posted a comment here knows, I have to approve the comments.  I had to take this step a few years ago after certain anonymous commenters had introduced a level of lingustic nastiness that was unacceptable to the readers here.  I post any comment, no matter what position is taken, as long as it does not involve personal attacts or foul language.  I have had to add bizarreness to the list as certain people have taken to trying to get fairly crazy comments posted. 

In addition to the occasional crackpot and conspiracy theorist, I am now getting a number of comments from spambots that are mimicing almost real comments.  For example, there were a bunch coming in talking about how insightful and valuable my blog posts were – no kidding.  Because this raised my suspicions I looked a little closer and sure enough it is Mumbai or Russia based spammers looking to be ‘approved’ so they can serve up some more spam in the future.

I guess that’s a reality of running a moderated blog these days.  A ficticious lady named Rosanna just sent me a comment “You have done it once more. Incredible read!”   It was too good to be true.

Between the busty porno ladies signing up for my Twitter feed and the flattering spambots posting to my blog, I have to be a little more on my toes than I would prefer.