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I get an email about this every year – I have never actually pulled the trigger and bought it but it would be an interesting read.  There are over 3,000 different subsidies.  For my American readers, don’t be too smug there is a U.S. version of this and if I recall it has something like 20,000 different subsidy programs listed.

Canadian Subsidy directory (2010 EDITION)
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The new Subsidy Directory 2010 is now available, newly revised it is the most complete and affordable reference for anyone looking for financing. It is the perfect tool for new and existing businesses, individuals, foundations and associations.

This Publication contains more than 3000 direct and indirect financial subsidies, grants and loans offered by government departments and agencies, foundations, associations and organizations. In this edition all programs are well described.

Canadian Subsidy Directory (All Canada, federal + provincial + foundations)
CD-Rom (Pdf file)………………………..$ 69.95
Printed (430 pages)……………………..$149.95

Also available for each province on CD-Rom only………..$ 49.95
British Columbia
New Brunswick
Newfoundland & Labrador
Northwest Territories / Nunavut / Yukon
Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island
Quebec ………………………..$ 69.95

To obtain a copy please call toll free 1-866-322-3376 or local 819-322-5756

Canadian Subsidy Directory
Canadian Publications
4865 hwy. 138, r.r.#1
St-Andrews west
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Dépot légal-Bibliothèque Nationale du Québec
ISBN 2-922870-06-5


Les Publications Canadiennes offrent au public une édition révisée de l’ANNUAIRE DES SUBVENTIONS AU QUÉBEC contenant plus de 1800 programmes d’aides et de subventions provenant des divers paliers gouvernementaux et organismes. Dans la nouvelle édition 2010 on trouve la description des programmes ainsi que les montants alloués.

L’ANNUAIRE DES SUBVENTIONS AU QUÉBEC est l’outil idéal soit pour démarrer son entreprise, améliorer une entreprise existante, mettre sur pied son plan d’affaires ou obtenir l’aide de conseillers experts dans le domaine des affaires:
Démarrage d’entreprises, études, recherches, arts, agriculture, import export, main d’oeuvre, cinéma, prêts, promotion, bourses, théatre, transports, communications, mise sur pied et développement d’entreprises, construction et rénovation, aérospatial, concours, nouveaux talents, aide aux associations, organismes et fondations, informatique, musique, industrie du disque, plans d’affaires, études de marchés, infrastructures, aide aux travailleurs autonomes et plus encore !

ANNUAIRE DES SUBVENTIONS AU QUÉBEC 2010(Cd-rom,.pdf)……………………$ 69.95
ANNUAIRE DES SUBVENTIONS AU QUÉBEC 2010(imprimé + Cd-rom gratuit)……….$ 149.95

Informations…………………Ligne sans frais: 866-322-3376

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  1. Note the French text discusses the 1,800 programs and the industries. Gravy for all! This drives Libertarians nuts but the reality is that government is primarily a bank these days. It takes money from the collective and doles it out to what it perceives to be the worthy causes with a sprinkle of politics and ideology on top. Old Frederic Bastiat is rolling over in his grave.

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