Communications officers and a word on Maxime

It even has a militaristic feel to it.  Communications Officers – my favourite occupation in the provincial government.  Many moons ago I used to get calls from the Premiers Office (circa 1995) asking for good sounding statistical tidbits the Premier could work into his speeches.  I was the king of spin – per capita, year-over-year, adjusted for inflation, as a percentage of overall spending – any little spin on the data that made us look good and then I would hear the Premier sounding those little tidbits to the masses.

But as anyone who follows this blog knows I think the communications folks do too good a job – in the sense they have become only about positive messaging.  Every press release is a finely crafted piece of political spin meant to ensure the public that things are wonderful.  My thinking is they should be also finding a way to build the broader conversation with the public about the need for big changes before springing them on the unsuspecting townsfolk.  My column today in the TJ covers this.

Completely coincidentally, Jeffrey Simpson has a similar column in the G&M. 

I think the PR folks at GNB need to find a way to weave those two narratives – We’re doing great! and We must change!

I see that Maxime Bernier is calling for economic self-sufficiency for Quebeckers.  It’s the right message for Quebec as well as New Brunswick but the largest part of the battle is convincing the populace.  I think that Bernier will be hammered for this in the Quebec press – I could be wrong and I will be interested to see.  There is a slightly different dynamic in Quebec.  Federal money is seen to be fundamental to the fabric that delicately binds the country together (to the consternation of just about everyone in and out of Quebec).  

Class, here is the question: If Quebec became economically self-sufficient would it be good for the Separatist movement or bad?

Bueller, Bueller?

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  1. The NB Power debacle should be mandatory reading for a “how not”, in regards to communications and crisis management, for all first year public relations students. 😉

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