Google, Kansas

The mayor of Kansas’s capital has unofficially changed his city’s name to Google. The decision to change Topeka’s name to Google was made via a proclamation signed at a city council meeting on Monday. In the proclamation, Mayor Bill Bunten declares that the city will be known as Google for the entire month of March.

Now, lest you think the guy’s gone totally cuckoo, there is an actual point to this: Google, you may recall, recently announced plans to build a series of superfast broadband networks in cities across America. Google’s broadband service will bring speeds up to a hundred times faster than what most people currently have — but not everyone’s going to get it.

Google’s planning to build its broadband networks in a limited number of communities. It’s calling upon city leaders and others to nominate their hometowns for inclusion. After all the nominations have been received, Google will select a handful of places best suited for its experiment.

Topeka’s mayor really, really wants his city to be one of those places.

As silly as this sounds, I kind of like it.  At least it shows some initiative.  How about we rename Moncton Hyundai, New Brunswick?  Or how about instead of Saint John we call it Microsoft, New Brunswick?

Yeah, maybe a bit too far.