4 thoughts on “Tourism can’t be an economic anchor

  1. Is it really a viable industry when your own government (I think it was Lord’s) released promotional ads geared at Staycationers (internal travel amongst your own citizens).

  2. Samonymou, that just recycles money around. What a load of crap. Its a hospitality industry, not a tourism industry. They would be going a long way if they permitted private liquor stores and liberalized/european-ized alcohol consumption laws.

  3. and BTW, the feds have got to fix Fundy National Park. Fundy is run down, looks like crap, has shitty roads, and charges an arm and a leg to access a piece of real estate that is only a justifiable charge for Banff or Jasper.

  4. Tourism is better than nothing. And nothing is what many Maritime communities have thanks to over fishing.

    As for the impact on wages, the solution is simple: unions. Las Vegas tourism wages are significantly higher than Floridas. And the reason for that is because they are unionised. (Although a tradition of having to attract honest employees to the middle of the desert probably had an impact as well).

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