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  1. David, I like most of what you write but I think you are are overstating NSBI’s Web 2.0 moxy based on this example. They put a video on the web and that has been easy to do for some time. I would hardly call it 2.0

  2. New Brunswick has done that as well, even St. John had a ‘promo’ video done about three years ago. The whole point of Web 2.0 is that it is ‘interactive’, meaning you need feedback, preferably in real time. What an example of that would be I don’t know, but I’d suggest that if David had stuck with and fleshed out the audio and video podcast, that would easily be more interactive than posting a video. Here in waterloo the communitech guys are pretty big on that, that Gary guy who posted a while back is pretty much the regional tech guru, the, dare I say, David Campbell of the Waterloo region (at least in tech).
    Several politicians are making the feeble attempt to be interactive, but the fact is, in politics (and economics) everybody knows when the foot goes down thats it, so there’s little reason to GET ‘interactive’. Whats the point of being interactive if nobody is going to pay attention anyway?

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    Videos of some guy’s cat on a record player get a lot more traffic.

  4. Maybe outfront is too strong a term but I did like the crispness of the video. As for the viewership, that is a reality of the YouTube world. I did a video blogcast for a while – a great firm in Moncton actually produced it for free but it only got a couple of hundred views per week so we scrapped it. I heard a guy giving advice on getting traffic on YouTube. He went from a few hundred hits to several hundred thousand just by front ending his video with a good looking lady. Not sure that would have been my audience (or NSBI for that matter) but it would have bumped up the viewership.

  5. If you actually had a few hundred then its a REAL shame you didn’t stick with it-or don’t do it again. You didn’t even have your podcasts available on itunes or even available after a week. Heck, for a few hundred viewers you probably could have even gotten a sponsor to underwrite it. If you had a female co host that would have ramped up the youtube hits, but as you say, I doubt thats the target market. That’s a real shame. I notice that TVO’s The Agenda does a pretty good job with that, they have ‘live’ shows once a week where viewers can email questions to guests, and online they have a live IRC type conversation going on. But it really has to be asked what its supposed to accomplish.

  6. I think the point David is making is that NSBI is TRYING something different. Its easy to sit back and criticize these efforts but I would imagine their mandate is to generate some interest and to use any tool to that end. Not every movie makes $100 million either but they keeping pumping them out because more than a few do. I hope they use that video in all their presentation abroad, its effective and makes it’s point well. The only comment I have to the negative is that it appears to be made by the same marketing firm that did Moncton’s, same use of text, same voiceover.

  7. It IS easy to sit back and criticize, so its worth reminding that BNB started several initiatives in Web2.0, it had videos and interviews of its trip to New York and the various groups it met there, and it had some policy initiatives that people could then comment on. I haven’t been there in awhile, not sure if its still operating or whether lack of interest or political pressure killed it, but it WAS up there. Seeing a glossy video is not going to make any corporate locators say “look how pretty it is there, lets move”. NB has had similar videos’ at their site, the only difference is its not at Youtube. That may be a GOOD thing, given those who follow politics are given free reign at Youtube to post comments-so its probably not helpful to have a video and a hundred comments of the variety “Graham is a crook….he’s wasting our tax dollars…..why would anybody move to this overtaxed wasteland…” Etc.

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