I delete all the crazy crap that people try to post to this blog but I get it in my email box each morning.  I should keep this stuff and show you some day – you might have some insight into why I think about terminating the blog once in a while.  There are 2-3 people that are downright harrassing me – not just now about periodically when there is something they don’t like. Think about how you would feel if you had a handful of emails in your inbox each day with this crap.  I have tried to find ways to delete it before I even see it but I can’t figure it out.


I see that the president of the Conseil Economique du NB is leaving to run the l’Étoile and other Brunswick News French language publications. Louis-Philippe Gauthier (LPG) is one of those guys who should have left – who fits the profile of so many young New Brunswickers.  He’s dynamic, bright, reads like crazy, seamlessly bilingual, volunteers all over the place and is a serial entrepreneur.   And he is not afraid to tell it like he sees it – a fairly rare quality in New Brunswick.

I wish him well on this move.  I suspect the goal was to elevate the quality of the content of these papers and bring them more fully into the debate on the future of Northern New Brunswick.   As I have pointed out there is a fundamental, structural change occuring in the economic foundation of Northern New Brunswick and we need strong voices to figure out what this really means.  This is having a disporportionately negative impact on New Brunswick’s francophone population.  LPG has always been at the front of this discussion and in this new medium – I suspect – will continue this advocacy.

Good luck.

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  1. Ah, the price of fame.

    Are the crap emails from the same address?

    What email client do you use, there’s almost certainly a filter or killfile feature.

  2. That’s a good point. I have been trying to stop the comments through WordPress -the blogging software but I could try and get the email program to identify the IP as spam. Thanks.

  3. You’ve apparently become minor ‘net celebrity in NB, and unfortunately this is the kind of thing you have to expect. All you can do is ignore it and not act like a loony yourself.

    It might make you feel better to put some of the whackier posts online, have a weekly “crank file” feature or something. It doesn’t prevent anything but might give the reasonable people here an idea of the “cost” of hosting serious discussions about controversial stuff.

    If the posts are seriously out of line you could always save a few weeks worth and report them to the offender’s ISP. I don’t imagine your problems are from tech-savvy people hiding behind proxies, they should be easy to find.

    But I’m afraid there are always a few people with nothing better to do then obsessively attack whatever target annoys them at the time. It could be vastly worse, check out any message board and you’ll see the crazies. For a real hoot browse slashdot at -1 or check out 4chan, you’ll count yourself lucky.

  4. “killfile”

    There were some links to using killfiles on the Deltoid blog a year or so ago.

  5. Loons come with the territory, unfortunately. Wait until a local weekly paper starts to bait you with innuendo. The n you’ll know you are starting to hit the target some people are afraid of you getting near.

    Hang in there. Your stuff is worth reading and more New Brunswickers and others will profit from your insight if you stick with it.

  6. J’ose espérer que vous poursuivrez votre blog malgré ces troubles fêtes qui torpillent votre boite e-mails. Votre blog est très intéressant et SVP, continuez. LPG va certainement être très fier de vos commentaires.

    Chantal Alexandrie

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