Household spending data for 2008 is out

The average household expenditure data is out for 2008.  The summary categories are found here.  This does not mean New Brunswick has a low cost of living – per se – this means we have lower average household income which translates into lower average household expenditures.

This is interesting.  It shows the top level expenditure data by income quintile.  People at lower income levels pay far more for shelter (as a percentage of income) and far less on taxes.  Households at the lowest quintile spend 2.9% of their household income on personal taxes.  In the third quartile, it is 19.7 and in the top quartile it is 29.2 percent.  This is a powerful reason why we must be focused on economic develpment policy designed to foster higher wage jobs.

For those obsessed with the NB power thing,  you could buy the full series and get the electricity cost data for 2008.

1 thought on “Household spending data for 2008 is out

  1. A lower household income. Someone please give me an argument to explain to someone why this does not mean NB is a welfare ghetto.

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