What can we learn from Chile?

I have been impressed with Chile ever since I first studied its aquaculture industry back in the early 1990s. 

Someone sent me this article and I thought I would share it with you.  It’s about Chile’s efforts to attract high tech entrepreneurs to that country.  It is really a good example of how a non-on-the-radar country can get on the radar by building and selling a strong value proposition for an industry.

Free rent in technology parks, lots of training dollars, etc. – read the article – and now they have a billion dollar outsourcing industry.

This stuff is not rocket science people (unless you are attempting to attract that specific industry).  Pick your targets.  Build a powerful value proposition (business case).  And then sell sell sell. 

Cart before horse.

4 thoughts on “What can we learn from Chile?

  1. 1990, of course, would be when Pinochet’s bloody dictatorship finally ended, and it would be years more before they shook free of his shadow.

    The part that is not rocket science is executing your enemies. Free rent is easy when you’ve seized the land. Attracting entrepreneurs is not a problem when you’ve outlawed unions and shooting the leaders.

    I mean, come on. Chile? 1990s?

  2. I appreciate your scorn but I actually did study Chile’s efforts to build an aquaculture industry (post Pinochet) and was quite impressed. Not sure how you are able to equate the current Chilean government’s effort to attract technology entrepreneurs with Pinochet’s bloody regime but I guess you have your reasons.

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