Ontario enhances the digital media tax credits for large video game developers

Ontario has announced enhancements to its digital media tax credits which supports large, specialized video game developers that are developing eligible interactive digital media games in the province. The tax credit provides certified game developers that incur at least $1 million of Ontario labour expenditures per year in the development of eligible interactive digital media games a 35% Ontario Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit on Ontario salaries and wages.  The changes positions Ontario to become a centre of excellence for the development of digital media by allowing specialized game developers to claim the tax incentives annually.

How dare they develop a program for ‘large’ businesses?    Ontario, Quebec and BC (and to a lesser extent PEI and NS) are battling it out for the digital media industry in Canada.  It will be interesting to see how all these programs will resettle the landscape.

Of course these companies could spare themselves the hassle of trying to figure out who has the best incentive programs and come to New Brunswick to save a couple of points on their corporate tax rate 🙂

6 thoughts on “Ontario enhances the digital media tax credits for large video game developers

  1. Just a little Ibid to that post. If you click on the big table link in that press release, there is a really good summary of all the digial media incentives in Ontario, Quebec, BC, Nova Scotia and PEI. There are none listed for NB (except the general R&D tax credits).

  2. Well, as you point out, our strategy is “all in” on the reduced corporate tax rate. I too have my doubts about betting the farm on advice from an academic think tank, most of whom have never set foot on NB soil.

    Curious you have not commented on the NB Power situation. Selling off Irving or McCain’s to another ‘nation’ would be comparable. This has huge ED implications for New Brunswick; any thoughts?

  3. I’ve been laying low on the NB Power thing – gathering data. I want to have an evidence-based opinion on this thing. I’ll have comments on Wednesday. By the way, an Irving IPO might not be such a bad thing….

  4. Look forward to your comments.
    I hope that as facts come out and debate begins we:

    1) Can differentiate between privatizing NB Power and selling it to another government (one that considers themselve a unique nation)
    2) Recognize that Quebec has a track record of ruthless, self-serving energy deals and we need to have experienced negotiators to develop and review such a deal. This is not something you decide over a game of golf.
    3) We shop the deal and compare and contrast alternatives. It appears that Quebec approached us and presented the idea. If we are going to entertain it, we best call for expressions of interest from others.

    Is it just me or are others concerned to have the guys who negotiated an agreement to bail out a mismanaged construction company working a deal to sell off our power utility?

  5. Shutdown of Maine’s north-south track a ‘concern’
    Published Tuesday October 27th, 2009

    Add this to a complex story of what is really going on, with one of the shiftest Premiers NB has ever seen?

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