Halifax- Global emerging outsourcing centre

….on this new list of 50 global outsourcing centres.    Toronto is the only other Canadian location on the list.  There are no US locations on the list.  I see that Halifax actually dropped this year from last but it is still an important list to make.

Here is the write up on Canada:

An interesting characteristic of Canada’s outsourcing industry is evidenced in the fact that despite its relatively higher costs compared to other nearshore destinations south of the U.S., such as Mexico and Costa Rica—Canada remains an attractive investment site for service providers. This is due to the wide array of outsourced services the country provides which includes low-end services in customer support to high-value shared services centers. However, the country’s niche service continues to be of high-value services
in FAO
(finance & accounting), engineering services as well as ITO-related processes in applications development and management, testing and R&D. Several area clusters in the country house outsourcing hubs such as Toronto, Halifax, Calgary, Montreal and Vancouver.