A value proposition example

Somebody sent me this story.  It is a good example of building a tailored value proposition to make yourself attractive to an industry.

Iceland has been busying itself laying fibre optic cables to connect the country with North America and Europe. The cables coming in provide a capacity of more than five terabits/sec – all with server farms in mind. Travelling down this pipe, data sited in Iceland is just 17 milliseconds from London. 

..Iceland hopes and believes in the next five to 10 years this will be one of its biggest industries.

Iceland has cheap, renewable and carbon free power.  It is laying the telecom pipes (publicly funded) and going out to sell the country as a paradise for data centres.  It wants to make this industry “one of its biggest” within the next five to 10 years.

Pop quiz.  What is the industry New Brunswick is targeting that is expected to be “one of the biggest” within five to 10 years?  What industries is the government currently investing millions to build a strong value proposition?

3 thoughts on “A value proposition example

  1. Caisse Popular bailouts (well at least one branch)? No wait, yarn. No, that’s not it, construction company bailouts during unprescedented demand for construction. Can I keep guessing?

  2. Got it. It is highways.

    Our strategy is to become the drive thru province where citizens pay the tolls on behalf of our pass through visitors. Secretly, we have an ED strategy behind this. If each visitors buys 400 cups of coffee and fills up with gas 25 times, we will make our money back in sales tax.

    New Hampshire has a different strategy. For its 23 km pass through section of I95, it collects an average of $130,000 (65,000 cars at $2) daily. We don’t have those volumes of traffic but you’d think we could catch on to the revenue idea. Actual volumes are about 1,000,000 monthly so at 10 bucks, it looks pretty attracrtive to move it from the expense column to the revenue column.

  3. Again I say, no new Efficent energy discovered in past 100 years and nothing new in future!

    Ethanol subsidies a useless boondoggle

    The GazetteOctober 12, 2009
    StoryPhotos ( 1 )

    Worker shows a handful of corn at the GreenField Ethanol plant in Chatham, Ont.
    Photograph by: MARK BLINCH, REUTERS, The GazetteEthanol is the gift that keeps on giving – but only to corn-growers and opportunistic automakers. For taxpayers, however, it’s a dream that failed and a rat-hole down which our governments keep pouring our tax money. This useless boondoggle must stop

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