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The Miramichi Leader is running a series of stories on the area’s history and this one is entitled The timber industry becomes a driving force in the Miramichi (19th Century).  I wonder when historians are writing about this period what will they be saying?  When you think about this stuff from an historical perspective it does help clarify things.  I suspect the vast majority of government initiatives in Northern New Brunswick will fade into the background and hardly be a footnote in history.  Will there be a breakthrough initiative?

My mind always turns to this Emmerson guy who was a federal Cabinet Minister when the CN Shops burned down – I think it was around 1911.  There was a push by Montreal politicians to move the whole thing to that city – even way back then but as the history goes Emmerson fought to keep it in Moncton and that facility remained an economic anchor for the area for several more generations.

That’s what we need right now for Northern NB – and I would argue all of NB.  A breakthrough effort that will be remembered 100 years from now.

This is from the Tribune today about Restigouche in 1909:

If the ICR Commission had been here last evening they would probably reluctantly have acknowledged that the present ICR depot was not of sufficient size to accommodate traffic at all times and could serve for some years. The traffic last evening broke all records. The station and walks were crowded and the train being late, many were the complaints of lack of accommodation. Nowhere to sit to rest, and jostled on all sides, mothers with children endevouring to keep them near, baggage on trucks on the platform, train tenders dragging hose and ladders along crowded walks. Altogether it was not very pleasant for the travelling public.

Much of the local traffic was due to summer visitors returning to Montreal and Quebec from Gaspe ports, both steamers having arrived in port early today. Many are also going to Toronto and the West.

There was a time – 100 years ago – when the train stration in Restigouche county was overflowing.

Ancient history.

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  1. Absolutely right. Adding 5% more to the RDC budget for tourism information booths etc is not the kind of breakthrough that is needed nor will it be historically significant.

    Implementing a free trade zone, becoming a major data storage center or becoming Canada’s electic car manufacturing center might be the sort of thing that has a meaningful impact on the economy and at least be footnoted in the history of Northern NB.

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