Everybody in the e.d. biz is talking about the new federal economic development agency in southern Ontario. It has been labelled the ACOA for southern Ontario.  High praise for ACOA.  But I am very curious to see if indeed it will be the ACOA of southern Ontario.  Check out this quote from the new guy that will head the organization:

“I look forward working with provincial and municipal leaders, business and non-profit organizations, universities and colleges throughout dynamic and diverse Southern Ontario,” said Minister of State Goodyear. “We all share a common goal – a southern Ontario that attracts and keeps the jobs of the future.”

Now as you know ACOA isn’t involved in any significant way in the ‘attraction’ of jobs to Atlantic Canada.  I would like to see ACOA be far more involved in investment attraction but they are currently not there.

I suspect that the SODA (the PM calls it FedDev Ontario which is not as catchy) will be deeply involved in attracting industry to that part of Canada – although I could be wrong.  We will have to wait and see because beyond generalities not much else is known.

5 thoughts on “SODA = ACOA?

  1. Given thàt Ontario has all the sewage pipes, hockey rinks, community halls and festivals it can handle, you are probably quite correct that they will focus on economic development including investment attraction.

  2. In NB, we’ll note that the federal government’s strategy for economic development in southern Ontario is not predicated on further cuts in taxes and government services.

  3. There is already TONS of federal investment in southern ontario, so I suspect this is the government’s way of getting ready for an election by making it look like they may be doing something. It’s interesting to note that we aren’t hearing all the jokes and criticisms about the liberal-er, conservative governments answer to economic problems being the creation of yet another government agency.

  4. ACOA has something north of 700 employees to serve a population about one fifth of southern Ontario. They provide funding for many more such as the Enterprise network, Springboard, CBDC etc so their budget directly supports something like 1000 economic development employees.

    If SODA=ACOA, the first major impact will be 5000 new ED jobs. David, perhaps this is the opportunity you have been waiting for

  5. The frontpage of the Kitchener Record says that apparantly this new federal organization will be ‘worth’ $1 billion to the local area, its apparantly setting up in Kitchener. This is odd, because of all the area of southern ontario this is probably the area least affected by the economic downturn. There have been one or two notable closures, but nothing like Windsor or Hamilton.
    This could be ‘payback’ for the entire region going conservative in the last election, but also could be preparation for at least one member, who won by less than a hundred votes and whose conduct so far has been less than stellar.

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